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Pizza is Happiness


A wonderful world of flavors, colors, scents, to get lost in! The art of simplicity that becomes magic, love for the territory, the cult of tradition and the constant search for the new: this is how, every day, the pizzas signed by Agostino Landi are born.




Family Reality

In the heart of the Capaccese town, very close to the famous Archaeological Park of Paestum, and in a street whose name expresses the historical and tourist vocation of the place, namely via Magna Graecia, lives a beautiful reality: the renowned Del Corso Pizzeria by Agostino Landi, founded in 1999. One of the best known pizza chefs in the Campania region and beyond, Landi is a great example of professionalism, creativity and passion for his work. The great ability to wisely combine simple and genuine flavors with the constant desire for research and experimentation, makes Agostino Landi’s art unique in making every pizza, from the traditional to the most creative. In the management of the restaurant, which is also a restaurant with a wide choice of quality meat and fish dishes, he is supported on a daily basis by the whole family who have always favored the high value of hospitality. At Del Corso Pizzeria by Agostino landi it is very easy to spend a few hours of true taste and absolute relaxation, because it is a welcoming place in the most authentic Cilento. To start delighting, just sit in the internal room or in the large and modern outdoor area.


Agostino Landi

Since he was a child he has cultivated an innate passion for pizza. At just 9 years old, the first dough to be spread on the teachings of his father Emilio, and so, as if it were a game, Agostino Landi began his magical journey which, after decades, has led him to be one of the most successful and appreciated pizza chefs in Campania, land of the real Neapolitan pizza.

Agostino Landi is guided by a genuine passion in his daily work as a pizza maker, as well as by a great knowledge of raw materials and a love for the typical products of Cilento.

Landi has always used the products of the earth obtained in full respect of nature, seasonal vegetables and first fruits from the garden following the canons of organic farming.

Significant milestones and international prizes enrich the palmares of a pizza chef who has always used earth products obtained in full respect of nature, seasonal vegetables and first fruits from the garden following the canons of organic farming.

Among Landi’s numerous awards, that of world champion of vegan pizza, the silver at the Italian Championship of Pizza doc, the victory at the Guinness World Record with the La Piccola Napoli Group.

Very important is the contribution to the “Ateneo della Pizza” course organized by the Osservatorio of the Southern Apennines and the Unisapori Association, and his many participations in “Casa Sanremo” as a highly professional pizza maker.

Enthusiasm, determination and a great desire for novelty are some of his virtues, but Landi’s most precious heritage is his family, his wife Claudia with their three beautiful daughters.


Capaccio-Paestum, History and Nature

The Municipality of Capaccio-Paestum, located in the province of Salerno, is one of the most significant in the Cilento area, and is of high tourist interest. Rich in history, art, culture, it is famous throughout the world for the famous Greek temples dating back to the BC era. located in the Archaeological Park of Paestum, which is only 1 km and a half from the Pizzeria Del Corso Agostino Landi. The beaches, the wonderful sea and the luxuriant Cilento nature are essential attractions for every tourist who loves beauty and uniqueness. Numerous events of international importance that take place during the year, such as the Mediterranean Exchange of Archaeological Tourism founded in 1998.






Via Magna Graecia, 168



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